Why invest in designing an impressive UI & UX for your website & mobile app?

Your online representation creates the very first opinion about your brand. The first look is crucial in prompting an approval or a discard of your product or service. Therefore, the users’ perception of your website has a huge impact on your conversion rates. Thus, the making or breaking of your business is highly dependent on how the user feels after viewing your application.

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We Design Experiences to Capture, Captivate, And Convert

User interface and user experience play an important role in your mobile or web application. By optimizing the following elements, we bring radical changes to improve conversion.

Human Computer intraction
User Experience Design
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Preferences
  • Behaviour
  • Reward
Human Computer intraction
Human Computer Interaction
  • Learnability
  • Findability
  • Efficiency
  • Sociocultural
  • Psychology
Human Computer intraction
User Interface Design
  • User Centered
  • Persona
  • Activity
  • Scenario
  • Resiliency

Our Expertise in User Experience & User Interface Design

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Mobile UX

We consider different design elements to improve the mobile user experience. Our framework is perfected to ensure the use of user-centric approach while designing a mobile application.

Website user experience service

Website UX

We enable you to impart a delightful user experience through your website. To engage users, we follow the latest practices and design using a time-tested process.

Deliver a Superior Experience that Can become your Competitive Advantage
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Our Interface & Experience Design Process

Our UI and UX designers compose strategically focused designs to bring out your business’s best functions and values. Here is our process by which we can assist you.

FATbit Technologies UX analysis

UX Analysis

We enable you to engage intelligently as our experienced designers explore all practical possibilities with vigorous user experience analysis. Our UX analysis includes essential insights so that you can leave a long-lasting impression on your target audience.

PSD & Wireframe Creation

PSD & Wireframe Creation

Using a wireframe, we provide you with a clear sketch of your website-to-be for your better understanding. Our UX and UI experts build low or high fidelity wireframes, depending on your site’s requirement to design an engaging experience. Once the wireframing is complete, our team turns it into a PSD for a detailed and polished design.

Information Architecture Design

Information Architecture Design

Our team specializes in investigative research. We examine your market and do a thorough analysis of the existing and/or potential user data to create a wholesome user persona for your brand. With this, we establish the image of your brand so that a potent and likable blueprint is delivered for a right-fitting user interface.

interaction design services

Interaction Design

A prototype only comes alive with correctly appended human-computer interaction. Our well-qualified interaction designers, skilled in communication knowledge and updated with the latest technology, develop an accessible and goal-driven interface. They make your website easy to understand ensuring the best customer experience.